Saturday, February 4, 2017


Max is my precious, little pup - he is full of personality and the love of my life!! I encourage strongly that anyone in the market for a pup get a rescue pup from a shelter...there is such a need out there and the older pups are a bonus as you won't have to go through that "puppy stage" :) - Just my thoughts :)
If you live in the Houston area I highly recommend Citizens for Animal Protection for any pet adoptions! Again, if you live in Houston and find that you need to Board your precious little wonder, I can't recommend Rover Oaks enough - I use the Katy, TX location!!!! While they aren't cheap, you will be able to feel perfectly secure that all the staff are big time animal lovers, the owners give back LOTS to the community and your pup will be safe and treated like family while there!!! Can't put a price on the feeling of peace you will have boarding there!! (Note:  I was in NO way compensated to mention/talk about Rover Oaks or Citizens for Animal Protection - Just a true believer from numerous experiences!!! Also, like to help people find the BEST and SAFEST place for the furry family members).  If you are new to Houston or the Katy, Texas area feel free to holler at me for more safe and reputable vets, dog parks, etc.
What was that noise?

Almost Nap Time!

This is what Max does each day when I get home from work...rub my tummy!!!

Rasberrying the photographer!


Enough with the picture already Ma!
I like the Beach!

Nosey Max

Aren't I adorable?!!

Friday, February 3, 2017


Recently made a quick visit to Corpus Christi, Texas to attend my beautiful niece's Engagement Party. I didn't have much time for photos but here's a few by the bay of the Pelicans.
I've been to Corpus before and here are some interesting things to do while there...
I took my kids when they were small to The Dolphin Connection boat ride.  It was really a memorable adventure!! I have photos of my son with his hand in one of the Dolphin's mouth that the boat guide had named Cricket.  Now, you might think the boat people named these Dolphin just to make the kids happy and generate excitement but I promise you that within minutes we could all tell Cricket from another named Dolphin as their personalities really are THAT unique!! It was one of my favorite things we did while there!! There is also a wonderful aquarium there Texas State Aquarium that I recommend.  The USS Lexington is a WWII Aircraft Carrier commissioned in 1943 and worth a look! For those gamblers, try the Gulf Coast Racing for Greyhound Racing. Of course you can't miss out on the beach too!

Monday, January 30, 2017


Gong Hey Fat Choy (Happy Chinese New Year in Cantonese) 

Gong Xi Fa Cai (Mandarin) 

Year of The Rooster

Happy Chinese New Year!!! This is the year of the Rooster.  Not only is it the year of the Rooster, but specifically a Fire Rooster.  In Chinese astrology each of the 12 animals has an element associated with it too such as Gold/Metal, Wood, Water, Fire or Earth.  The element-sign combos occur every 60 years. Donny Osmond and Martin Luther King III are all Fire Roosters.  They are said to possess the characteristics of trustworthiness, strong sense of timekeeping and responsibility at work and are good money managers. Me, I'm a Wood Dragon-Introverted, taciturn, very talented but not fond of the limelight.

According to This is the said Characteristics of the Five Elements 
Wood – Benevolence 
The wood pronounces the fate, nobleness, representing extractive, luxuriant, brilliant, blooming, flourishing etc. 
Fire – Propriety 
The fire pronounces the feature, strength or softness, representing power, influence, bravery and intense. 
Metal – Righteousness
The metal pronounces the life span, longevity or abortion, foretelling any penalties, dangers, difficulties and dead end.
Water – Wisdom
The water pronounces the talent, sage or fool, representing aptitude, brightness, agile mind and accuracy, 
Earth – Fidelity/Honesty
The earth pronounces the status, rich or poor, representing the birth and growth of everything
Fun for everyone!

Thought she was the cutest ever!

Do you live in Houston and bummed out that you missed it? No worries...there is another Lunar New Year event scheduled for February 4th and 5th, 2017 at the Viet Hoa Center from 10:30am-6:00pm

Have a beautiful today! Feel free to leave a comment!
Touch the Lion for Good Luck!
Lion Dance

I visited the Chinese Community Center on  Saturday, January 28, 2016 for their free Lunar New Year celebration.  They did a stellar job and did I say it was FREE?! Plenty to see, tons of food and gift vendors, children's activities, traditional dances - just a fun day out!  Thanks to all those who make the special day possible! The Lion Dance is my favorite!

This is the story of the Lion Dance according to

"When the lion first appeared on earth, you see, he was a real troublemaker.  He got up to all sorts of nonsense.  So a buddha was sent down to sort things out.  Dressed in the robes of a monk, with a fan in one hand and a gourd of whiskey in the other, he called out to the lion, “Hey you, Lion, stop this nonsense!”  The lion didn’t pay heed, of course, so they took to the streets and they battled.  While the lion, on the one hand, desperately wanted the bottle of whiskey, he was also terrified of the Buddha’s fan.  So they fought, and they fought, and after many rounds still neither could best the other.  But the Buddha had a trick up his sleeve, and he whipped the long red sash from around his waist.  He threw it around the desperate lion, reined in the vile beast and dragged it to the nearest temple. There, the two of them silently knelt and prayed together, and the lion found peace in his heart."

There were amazing dancers performing there are a few of my favorites:

Chinese Calligraphy
Chinese Calligraphy

Traditional Indian Dancers
Traditional Indian Dancers

I loved her energy and smile

These young ladies were fantastic!

This dance team was just too adorable
The Ballerina's were awesome!

Great performance!