Saturday, February 4, 2017


Max is my precious, little pup - he is full of personality and the love of my life!! I encourage strongly that anyone in the market for a pup get a rescue pup from a shelter...there is such a need out there and the older pups are a bonus as you won't have to go through that "puppy stage" :) - Just my thoughts :)
If you live in the Houston area I highly recommend Citizens for Animal Protection for any pet adoptions! Again, if you live in Houston and find that you need to Board your precious little wonder, I can't recommend Rover Oaks enough - I use the Katy, TX location!!!! While they aren't cheap, you will be able to feel perfectly secure that all the staff are big time animal lovers, the owners give back LOTS to the community and your pup will be safe and treated like family while there!!! Can't put a price on the feeling of peace you will have boarding there!! (Note:  I was in NO way compensated to mention/talk about Rover Oaks or Citizens for Animal Protection - Just a true believer from numerous experiences!!! Also, like to help people find the BEST and SAFEST place for the furry family members).  If you are new to Houston or the Katy, Texas area feel free to holler at me for more safe and reputable vets, dog parks, etc.
What was that noise?

Almost Nap Time!

This is what Max does each day when I get home from work...rub my tummy!!!

Rasberrying the photographer!


Enough with the picture already Ma!
I like the Beach!

Nosey Max

Aren't I adorable?!!